Who we are?

  • We are a licensed auto recycling facility located in Central Brevard County. We have been in business since 1979 and recycle over 1,000 automobiles per year. We are a member in good standing with the Automotive Recyclers of America and the Florida Automobile Recyclers of Florida.
  • We will pay you the best price for your wrecked or junk car, truck, van or SUV.
  • We give you the best offer on your wrecked or junk vehicle. We tow the car at no charge to you.  We will pay you immediatly. We always adhere to friendly, professional service while giving you the highest possible price for your vehcile.
  • We process your old vehicle removing all fluids and anything which is potentially harmful to the environment.  Our facility is state of the art in processing junk vehicles. We keep the environment safe.

What we do?

  • When you call, we will give you a quote for the best price for your vehicle.
  • We will set up a time convient for you and our tow service will pickup your vehicle and pay you the agreed upon price.
  • We will take your vehicle and remove all harmful fluids, we will dispose of anything which may harm the environment such as oils, tires, mercury switchs, lead wheel weights and all other items which need to be disposed of properly.
  • All parts will be recycled whcih makes our process completely enviromentally safe and recycling keeps our precious resources from being depleted quicker.

Things to Consider

  • Is my vehicle being disposed of properly?
  • If your vehicile is sold and the title is not transfered properly, you could be responsible if someone uses your vehicle and does something illegal. We notify the state your vehcile is being recycled, so your have no risk.
  • Does the company I am dealing with have the proper licenses, insurance and facility to dispose of my car properly.
  • We are an auto recyling faclity with all the tools to dismantle vehicles.  We are a license auto salvage facility. Cocoa Auto Salvage has been in business in Cocoa for 32 years and is family owned and operated. We have insurance to cover any accident. while at your property and while towing the vehicle.
  • Am I getting the best price. and professional service.
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